Wednesday, June 13, 2012


look at this impossibly quirky INSANE wedding that I LOVE!

look, it might not WOULD NOT be what i would do, but i still lololove the idea of a fun partay like this! all those colors... for weddings, iwould lean more on the traditional side... i mean, it is a pretty sacred thing & all, but to each their own! AND, i usually hat butterflies on clothes, body, anywhere, but i love her hair! oh my goodness... so many things about this are so not me, but i love it!


check out a lot more pictures


  1. Oh my MG. This is totally what my wedding will be like..if my boyfriend is in a coma and lets me plan the whole thing :) Which I know won't happen BUT I love the idea for all the different colored bridesmaids dresses! I totally love the site too!

    1. hahaha, 'if my boyfriend is in a coma & let's me plan the whole thing'... that's seriously funny, freya! yeshhhhma'am, this site has some seriously cool stuff... i'd never ever even heard of it before!


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