Monday, June 11, 2012

something to remember constantly.

something that i need to remember...constantly...

John Tibbott 


it's like 'more than words' by extreme... ever heard that song?
it's a cool love ballad, but actually sort of sad if you listen. BUT, does have a good message...


sometimes i freak out, have a short temper, get too irritated too easily, etc etc... i just need to step back & realize i need to chill. and it is so easy to say 'i'm sorry' all the would be much more beneficial to just NOT do the things that make me say sorry all the time...

this is something that i am definitely working on & adam is holding me accountable for (whether i like it or not)! :) we are such a good team...and like anyone, sometimes i can loose my mind & loose perspective. i definitely feel like i am going through a season of change & bettering myself and i am so blessed to have someone as strong & supportive as husband!
i will do a post more about that later! so stay tuned! :)

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