Monday, June 11, 2012

another DIY post... SEQUINS!

oh how i trust that you haven't forgotten of my love for sequins, glitter & all things SHINY SHINY SHINY!!! :)

if you have, you must check out the posts below before reading on! :)

so, i've recently found the blog & am loving some of the DIY i have found on there... that i will find use for eventually...
like THIS:

and i wanted to show you another one that i love! new etsy project, perhaps!?
you seriously don't understand... i have hundreds (or more) sequins. cray cray.

here we go!!! enjoy!

it's time for color and sparkle people. spring is upon us and summer is almost here. so here is a little diy to add some fun to your next dinner party. with cinco de mayo just one day away, you could whip these up for your shin dig as well! I promise, you can make these in the time it takes you to catch up on your fave show tonight.

grab a bag of sequins, a needle, and thread.
thread a handful of sequins on your thread. tie the ends together and you're finished. easy.
told ya.
leave some space between the sequins when you tie the ends of the thread together. that way the sequins can lay flat on your napkins and you get to see all of the color and sparkle. tie too tight, they'll be stacked tightly, and you won't get that effect.

add a white napkin and a fabulous plate and have some friends over to admire your work.


these colors are tickling my 'love for color' bone... yup! made that UP!
your j

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your 'love for color' bone will be tickled, too...i just KNOW it!


  1. That's a really cute idea. I'm pinning it!

    1. aren't sequins just THE BEST?! and what a cute idea, right?! sometimes i wish my entire house looked like CANDYLAND! all bright & happy gorgeous!

  2. Oh my geez!!! I absolutely love that! I thought it was a bracelet at first but my how I was surprised to see that it was a napkin holder. I want to try this immediately!

    1. oh my gosh. A BRACELET! i think i like that EVEN BETTER! i must -- great idea miss miss miss rockwell! :)


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