Monday, April 23, 2012


i have always been fascinated with bright colors. from a young age, i lololoved ANYTHING lisa frank... and for some reason, her lines STILL tickle my funny bone... i get excited with all the bright colors! they even have some of her stuff at DOLLAR TREE! score. does anyone else remember her stuff?


so... now you can see why i LURVE all the colors!

anyways, now that i'm not coocoo bananas over LF apparel & don't have all the binders, notebooks, pencils, etc... i find other colors that get me excited... i'm not even kidding you... when i saw the disney movie "UP" in HD, i got so excited when the balloons were released... my hubs just laughed... he KNEW i would love that part... but just look at it! how can you not be happy looking at beautiful colors.


so anyways... while sifting through some online pictures, i noticed that NOT ONLY does glitter get me giddy anymore, but balloons do, TOO! see why below...

now do you get it? i thought so. seriously, the next partay i have... (which i don't really ever have parties, so... maybe when i have a kid...) but then, the next PARtaY we have, i want balloons EVERYWHERE! a balloon ceiling, perhaps!? there is just something so childlike & whimsical about balloons.

how cute would this be for a birthday?! i know, right!

bright balloons & everything happy,

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