Wednesday, April 18, 2012

wanting, wanting, wanting...or am i?

so, i JUST had a garage sale. last year, a couple years back, i was in search of a few good summer dresses. i thought i would get 1 or 2 & would limit myself to $30 total because i wasn't desperate for more clothes. sometimes it's just nice to have something comfortable & cute to just throw on. well, that's sort of the predicament i'm in nowsies. i'm trying to revamp my wardrobe... and now those dresses are a bit cleavagy... not that they weren't back then, i'm just trying to be more modest & appropriate. not to say that i don't slip up...everyone does, it's just more of an effort. SO, body con skirts. they can get pretty darn short, so that's why i try to get the biggest size to cover a little more, but the up side is they're super comfy AND think... but the 'CON' (pun totally intended) is that they tend to ride up. so, what a predicament! but i can get all of these items for $50!!! and my summer wardrobe would be complete! PLUS, i could pick the shirt i wear & cover up the goods for husband's eyes ONLY! :)

and of course i had to throw in the $1.80 bracelet because... to get FREE SHIPPING, you gotta get over $50! and honestly, if i could find another coupon code, i'd probably get the skirts! EEK! 
**important note: skirts look WAY shorter on models! these models are 5'10'' wearing a size SM skirt PLUS they're wearing them above the hips. depending on where you wear them, they will NOT be that short!**
UPDATE. i think i'm going to pass... maybe i'll make my own outta tshirts or something to ensure the covering of girly stuff! stuff is so short! BUT, still suppper cutesy!

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