Wednesday, April 25, 2012

the best football tradition.

regaurdless if you're a sports buff or not, this is a story that you are going to want to read/watch. it is more than sports & is mostly about kind hearts.

i never cry during movies. while this isn't really a 'movie', but rather a 10 minute story, i bawled like a baby. adam had sent this to me some time ago & since i don't check our email very often, i JUST got it... he told me a little about it & that i would love it... so, without further ado, here it is.

Since 1960, before football and men's basketball home games, Middlebury College athletes have gone to the home of Richard "Butch" Varno. Watch what happens next.


sometimes i think we tend to focus on how bad everything is around bad our life is...HOW BAD other people are... it is so nice & just so darn refreshing to see HOW GOOD people are, too... we need more people & stories like this... people are good. like anything, there are bad, but there are good.

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