Friday, April 13, 2012

my husband.

this is a picture of me my silly husband.

alright... i get home from massage school last night, oosh & goosh on the hubs for a bit & then i see something on his arm! i gasped & i was like, 'adam! what is that?!' it was a perfect circle on his arm. neither of us had ever had ringworm, but it was a red raised circle. yikes. we thought we would give it the night (my husband has EXTREMEMLY sensative skin, so who knows what happened) & then see how it was in the morning. he suggested wrapping it, so we wrapped it in red foam tape stuff... we couldn't find any tape except for the zebra tape that i use to send out my etsy packages, so he was looking pretty darn fine in his bright red & zebra wrapped arm (insert my regret for not getting a picture). he woke up this morning & it was considerably better...barely there, but i was still being a worrywart. where would it have come from? i'm the one who does massage--touches people's skin, etc... anyways, he just called me & figured out what it was. i had bought him a throwback pepsi in a glass bottle. my husband almost ALWAYS opens tough twist-offs by twisting them off with his forearm (i don't know why, but whatevs, muscleman!) i guess it left a mark. i couldn't stop laughing...that's something i would do.

guess you had to be there.

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