Wednesday, April 25, 2012

date your mate magic!

i am ABSOLUTELY loving this site. she is AWESOME & i especially love her tips/ideas for happy husbands! :) i will have to try some of them out on mister husband!

IMG_8580 copy IMG_8581 copy

i LOVE these & am going to make one! i saw that my friend rachel had one similar to this & i fell in love. i'm not quite sure exactly WHAT ours will look like, but i lurve it. AND 'maybe when i have kids', i think it would be fun to put one in each child's room & write something encouraging or why i love them on it each day!

there's also some fun/funny stuff on her blog for 'date magic' that is super-cute & fun & OKAY because it's between you + your hubs...

or this...

they're super cheesy, but ohhhh soooo cutttteee! :) hubs will roll his eyes & laugh, but deep down he just might feel special! :)

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