Friday, April 13, 2012

garage sale!

does anyone like garage sales as much as i do? well, of course the actual shopping, but i mean the selling part, too...the staying up until 2 a.m. getting ready to sell your little heart out, the anticipation if anyone will show up, how much money are you going to make, the rewarding feeling of 'cleaning out your closet'... well, i lololoove it. before my husband & were married, we got rid of all of our stuff because i knew that he didn't want a room that looked like lisa frank & i didn't want a room that looked like a locker, we cleaned everything out... or as much as we could. and guess what? we made almost...


aaaaymazing. i even hung up little signs that said, 'thanks for helping out on our honeymoon fund!'... just to be funny, but actually some people gave me like a dollar extra. look at that generosity. that wasn't even my intention, i just thought it was a cute sign! anyways, it definitely helped towards the honeymoon! and now that we are an old married couple (6 months in, hehe), we have so much more stuff to get rid of! people were so generous at our wedding showers, wedding presents, etc that we just have soooo much stuff! and lots of 'older' stuff to get rid of...! plus, just things that have been piling up! YEOW! i am having one this weekend, next weekend, then in july... after that, i think whatever is left is going to go in a goodwill pile or something. it's just such a good feeling to clean up shop. know what i mean? we've scored some pretty sweet swag from garage sales, too. my FAVORITE thing is to go to the ritzy neighborhoods & score. i mean seriously, free nike sweats, uggs for $2, shox for $1. yes, that happens - BAM! :)

happy hunting!

***ps, comment below...what's the sweetest swag you've EVER scored at a garage sale/flea market/goodwill?***


  1. jacie, you are invited to follow my blog

    1. steve! thanks for the invite! looks like you're new to blogging, just like me! i will make sure to keep a close eye on your blog! blessings :)


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