Monday, April 16, 2012

three marriage lies.

so, as you know... i'm a HUGE fan of proverbs31 ministries... i get their 'daily devotional' & have been a few days behind... this one in particular has touched my heart. not because of adam & i, but because of a near & dear friend who is going through some tough marriage times. even if you are not going through 'tough times' in your marriage, this article does give good insight & perspective on how we think marriage is 'suppose' to be & what God intends marriage to be. it is my hope & prayer that this will touch your heart & ignite a flame inside of you to do everything you can to continue building, or rebuilding your marriage.

the little pieces of wisdom below are pretty good ones, i think...they are just a few of the hints we've got! mother has always told me, "the butterflies aren't going to last forever. you have to make a concious effort to keep rekindling the flame!"
...and my mother-in-law has told me, "you may not always feel like you're in 'love' anymore, but it is so important to fall in love over & over & over again!"
...another little piece of wisdom we've got regaurding marriage from a family friend it, "it's not about giving 50 /50. it's about giving 100/100!"

i love this excerpt from the article...
"...i went home & flipped to 1 Corinthians 13 again. this time instead of reading it like a list of what love should make me feel, i read it as if i could decide to make my love fit these qualities. my love will be kind. my love will be patient. my love will persevere. not because i feel it --but because i choose it..."

i think that is important to sit & think out in your mind. adam & i have a wonderful relationship, but while we were dating, there were definitely periods that weren't all peachy & rosy. i will admit, i was a tidge bull-headed & had some pretty good baggage that i had brought from previous relationships. it took work. at first, i wasn't totally on board with the whole making a good, consious effort thing. whenever i felt hurt, i would snap up like a venus flytrap & my way of coping was to be a smart-allack. since then, of course i have slip-ups know & then, but it has been extremely better. it takes a TON of effort, but i will tell you first hand... slow down, make a concious effort to be the best spouse you can be. work on things that bug your husband. learn how to 'argue' in a healthy manner. all of the effort that i have put in have made it amazing. so worth it. it's not always fun, but in the end...always worth it.

xs, os...j

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