Wednesday, April 18, 2012

dear fourth of july...

dear last fourth of july,
it's sure too bad that i will not get to rekindle the time we spent together again this year. it makes me sad, but hopefully again the year after next. i can only look forward to super-cute outfits, red white & blue EVERYWHERE, amazing temp lip tattoos, flag bandanas & shorts, lots of food, sitting on the river & those stupid fly-things that NEVER leave me along...even when i'm to the point of tears. oh dear fourth, how i long for thee.
your love (& her husband)


as the great american, ricky stanzi would say, "if you don't love it, leave it! USA, number one!"

wanna see what i was going to wear this year (but who knows this year since we don't get to go to the river)? click HERE:

wanna see what i JUST got that is complete, 100%, wonderfully AMERICAN!? click HERE:

your j

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