Thursday, April 19, 2012

my patience...

is being completely, 100% tested today! i told you God was bringing me through a season a patience & humble submission...not just to my husband, but everyone; to try & be selfless to those who are mean to me -- to turn the other cheeky.
i work with some pretty silly girls who seem to test my patience & kindness daily. i'm sure that they probably think the same thing about me, but that's okay. i just keep taking a deep breath & remembering that i am here for a reason. that everything works for the glory of those who love the Lord. so, if you have a moment in your day, please...PLEASE just say a quick little prayer for me. lift me up as high as you can that the good Lord will continue to form my heart to be slow to anger, quick to forgive. because this is byfar one of the hardest 'tests' that i've had.

people say that high school is bad. that was a piece of cake compared to some of these people.

deep breaths.
it's friday but sunday's coming!

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