Monday, April 16, 2012

scccccuury storms.

there were some CAAAA.rayyy.ZZZZY storms this weekend, don'tcha think so? unfortunately there were some deaths... please be prayerful of the families of the ones who died & also those who lost much of their belongings, homes, etc. sometimes you cannot even imagine what people are going through & there is not much else to do but pray, or even go to the community affected & lend a hand. gestures like that are blessings more than anyone realizes, i think.

i find storms absolutely fascinating, beautiful, powerful, calming, relaxing...when no one is getting hurt. sometimes it makes me just marvel at God's extreme power & all-knowing 'imagination', if that's what you want to call it. i hope you get what i mean -- i'm not always so good with words! :( i mean, just look at these pictures. one thing my hubs has always said to me is, "how can you see all of these things & not know there is God?" very true.


prayers & safe-keeping, j

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