Wednesday, April 18, 2012

jacie's 23rd birthday extravaganza I

i can seriously say, without a doubt, this was probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. bonus points because it's my hubs... he asked what i wanted for my birthday... i made out a list. then i thought, you know, scratch that. i want you to plan a day for just us. something special. something thoughtful. even though it's almost a month later, better late than never... so, i will give you a couple things we did each day... by the time we get through, you're going to see part of why i lolololooove my hubs so much... stay away though, he's mine... :) jayyykaaaay, but really...ha.

let us begin. wednesday adam starts to wrap presents. he says that was i can stare at them all week & get more & more anxious as the week goes on. he also informs me that as soon as i get home on friday, i get to dig into the box & the extravaganza has begun! and it's not even my birthday! YAHOO!

thursday i am so anxious for friday i can't stand it. i lolololove sweet suprises.

friday i am so anxious for the day to be over to go rip open some birthday goodies! so FINALLY, i get off of work & just can't wait... i get home, we take the puppies out & THEN i can start opening...

and also, he wrapped it in bright pink paper because he knew i'd lololove it... how awesome?! so, i open & the box is filled with 23 envelopes (since i'm turning 23) & a bunch of other presents all wrapped up as well! aw... so, the point of this 'game' is to open one envelope at a time in numerical order & do whatever the envelope says. and i can't open the next envelope until adam says so... let the games begin!

envelope #1 is about to be opened! hehe -- just look at that excitement.

this was actually NOT part of the birthday trip... i had just forgot to cancel my membership & needed to before i got charged for another month...haha, but adam said we had to document everything on the extravaganza! :)

stop #1. FILL OUR TUMMIES! adam doesn't like huhot that much, but i liiike it. last year before we got engaged, we came here, too... oh, did i mention we got engaged last year on my birthday? if not, we got engaged last year on my birthday.

love me some huhot! and love me some $1 sunglasses from the target bins. and a $6 dress from rue21. and a $.99 cardi from old navy! BAM!

tummies are FULL.
envelope numero dos! what can it be?

adam had sent me an email saying how much hunger games was going to be the new 'harry potter'! how dare they! nah, just joking, but honestly, i had NO idea what the world hunger games was about except that it looked kinda creepy. but i had said that i wanted to see it if it was the next harry potter. thus, going to a movie...! holler. the only thing is...

**preface: husband thinks this picture is hilarious & that is the only reason i included it... what? don't i look purdy?**
i get frozen in movie theatres. and my little dress wasn't gunna do me justice. :( i had got a giftcard from my brothha & sisstaa for tjmaxx, so we better go get a blanket to make it in time for the movie!

after getting made fun of for being so indicisive regaurding blankets & talking to another indicisive woman regaurding sheets (with her bored husband), i had FINALLY picked something out that we would use at home, too! these things are important! SIDENOTE, the guy looking at the shirt thought we were funny & was laughing...!

super excited to go see HUNGER GAMES! not sure what to expect, but excited... STAY TUNED for an EXCITING TWIST that happened right about HERE in our night!

back home for envelope number 3!

bahahaha, this picture cracks me up. of course i was excited to open a PRESENT! :) see, isn't this such a cute idea?! ANDDD, still 20 more envelopes to go!

i started tearing up when i opened this. super-duper sweet, but does require explanation for the outside viewer... i will do a post & try to remember to copy a link later on... get ready.

my box of cranes. :)

our wedding pattern crane... love.
(my skin is NOT that smooth -- thank you, photoshop!)

envelope #4! some things are just meant to be secrets! neener neener.

envelope #4 was the last envelope for friday night! the rest of the night was spent playing donkey kong (like last year after we got engaged-HA) and a little mario and deciding whether it was bedtime ORRRR...
stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of night #1 when i get the last pic uploaded!

envelope #4 was the last envelope for friday night! the rest of the night was spent playing donkey kong (like last year after we got engaged-HA) and a little mario and deciding whether it was bedtime ORRRR...

if you recall, one of my gifts was to go see the hunger games... unfortunately, when we got there... the movie was NOT at the time that the internet told us... so, after i had bought the blanket for the movie... we DIDN'T EVEN NEED IT! because we had a few hours to kill before the next showing... which is when we went home & opened envelope #3 & envelope #4! it was a funny part of our night... adam felt bad because the internet lied to him, but i think it was just CUTE! this was one of the best nights of my life & nothing could have changed that. he is my favoritest person on this entire earth.

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