Monday, April 16, 2012


sssso. i'm looking for a new watch.  i've had the one i have since i was like 15 or something. it's an amazing find. there's a strip mall that has a ton of outlet stores in williamsburg that i used to go to. they use to have a fossil outlet & i wish they still did. anyways, my ma & i trekked up there. i had wanted a watch for some time... i had found some i liked but wasn't too excited about spending however much they were. my mom pointed out this cute little DKNY watch that was like $130 or something ON SALE for like $30... those words 'ON SALE' are magical. i swiped that baby up & gave it a new home. i am wearing it as i type this. it is a staple, but unfortunately, through the years, the entire front of it is pretty darn scratched up & almost looks 'blurry' now from all the scratches. now, if i can't find one i looooove & at a good deal...i'll keep using this one... actually, i probably will anyways, but we shall see.

i will have to put up a picture of the one i have because i can't find one online... boo! but i guess it is years & years OLD.

so...any suggestions of what i should get? i like ones that are a tidge different, but C.L.A.S.S.Y. (and i know that my hubs is laughing at me right now because i overuse the word 'classy'... sort of like my mom overuses the word 'elegant'... haha, two peas in a pod)!

***as a sidenote, the watch i want to get HAS to be black, so it goes with EVERYTHING. i wear lots & lots of black, so i need it to be versitile!***

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