Monday, April 30, 2012

jacie's birthday extravaganza III

don't be confused! read the other birthday posts before THIS one!

this is what happens when your husband is the sweetest -- you get to do fun things!
:) love you, hubs. and thanks again...for everything. oosh goosh.

walkin' in to have a rockin' good time! to the same place we went right before we got engaged 1 year ago! i'll try to find a picture as like a 'flashback'!

if you can't tell, we were both a little annoyed with ME in this picture... you know that $50 bill he gave me? the one in the last post? the one that i was suppose to spend here? well, i lost it. i have a bad habit of that. couldn't find it ANYWHERE. not in my purse, not in the car, not in the envelope... WANNA KNOW WHERE WE FOUND IT!?
at the very end of the day, when we got home, it was sitting on our OUTSIDE garbage can! i must have set it down while locking the door or something! it's amazing noone took it, but even more amazing that it didn't just BLOW AWAY. gasp. oh well, adds to the story, i suppose! what a relief we found it! $50 is $50!

me picking out PAINT! love me some BRIGHT colors! it took me quite some time to decide what in the world i was going to paint! husband wanted just me to paint, so he just hung out! i was worried he was going to be bored outta his gored, but he took the job a 'photographer' very VERY seriously! :) plus, he's pretty good at entertaining himself & me... and i think a game was on!?

so...we decided it would be fun to do a popcorn bowl with all our memories... we thought things that were about us... and then adam had a BRILLIANT idea! since 1 year ago we got engaged after GLAZED EXPRESSIONS, do sort of a timeline thing...

the outside was puppy paws, mickymouse ears, harry potter scar, bride & groom, lots of hearts, etc... and the inside... well, the inside was our door numbers from our apartment where we met, then, from there, we had the bridge spiral down where we got engaged...and it spiraled down all the way to some rings... so like beginning to end... idk, just look... it might make more sense that way! :)

working hard on some painting! i really REALLY really had an amazing time! i could see me doing this LOTS if it wasn't SO expensive! ANNND, i would LOVE to own a colorful little shop like THIS!

you can see the harry potter lightning bolt/glasses & micky ears (represents our honeymoon)!

and somewhere along the lines...adam's hand hurt & looked like this! he didn't even do anything & it was wierd!!! who knows what happened to that poor boy's little hand! :(

painting the bridge where we got engaged! :) see the little bride & groom over there to the left!? awesome.

does it make more sense now? and the bridge has tons of lights on it when it gets really dark & it looks ABSOLUTELY gorgeous...

***i'll try to get a picture of it up baked & everything! we used it for the FIRST time last night!***
the only sad part is that you have to leave it so they can bake it or whatever they do to make it brighter! and then you pick it up a week later! i wanted to take it home right THEN! but it is fun to have something to look forward to pick up!

the happy couple...

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