Tuesday, May 1, 2012


oh how i miss my little nyers & long for another pug so badly. OF COURSE i love my little chicken mcnuggets that i have right now, but there's just something about your first puppy, ya know? and then i tell myself, okay... just because you get another pug doesn't mean it will be like shania (that was her name)! but i just want her back...

plus, how cute would it be to have the whole set? we have a beagle & a puggle...all that's missing is the pug! :) husband says maybe when we get a house... that is very reasonable, especially considering most apartments only allow 2 dogs! YEOW!


my little nyers up in my old bed! probably one of the times when i MADE her come up to my room because i needed a cuddle/nap buddy! she was so hard to get away from my mama! AND just how stinkin' cute is that -- her with my little pug beanie baby (is that what they're called -- brain malfunction)?! :)


little nyers on our brand new couches shortly before she passed away... back when animals were allowed on the couches! :) and look at her cuddling with my other little animal. what a good little friend she was. oh my gosh, these pictures melt...my...heart. oosh goosh.


FLASHBACK like 5 years! BAM! this picture is CRAZY -- so old. but i love it. me with my little nya!

this was actually the day that we had to put shania down... she had gotten pretty bad by that point & it was pretty tough -- she just couldn't hold on any longer. poor little lady! she had a good life full of being spoiled, running wherever she pleased & puppy perfume! :)

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