Friday, May 4, 2012


is anyone else just dydydyyyying for bright sunshine, warm water, paddleboating, laying out, etc etc etc & the list goes on & on & on!? because, well... I AM! and i hope i get to do it just as much this summer as in the past, but i am skeptical. for one, i work all day & then have school a couple nights a week (almost over in july or august, though)! AND we don't have a pool since we moved to a different complex with no pool... there is ABSOLUTELY nothing like the natural warm sunshine coming down on your body...esp while paddleboating at the place where you got engaged! :)

husband loves this picture of me + the lake...! haha, he's right -- nothing hotter than sweaty armpits that are pitting out... haha, good thing my baby loves me just the way that i am (reminds me of that martina mcbride song)!

me a few years back testing out my fishing skills. yeah, they're not anything to write home about.

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