Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DIY colored-edge pinboard!

check out this DIY project i found! it's soooo cute! i'd probably cut out a different shape, but it's definitely cool -- i'll keep you posted if i end up doing it! :) 


what you'll need: 
-thick sheet of cork
-paper or newspaper
-bright paint

Step 1: Draw your template out on the paper.. you can choose whatever shape you like but I went for a more rounded design. The shape I initially drew on the cork didn’t look right once I cut it out, so it evolved into more of an oval.
Step 2: Pin your design onto the cork, and draw around it with a pen. Make sure if there is a back-side to the cork, this is the side you’re drawing on.
Step 3: Unpin the paper. Use the knife to cut around the design, trying to keep it as straight as possible (I found this the hardest part) and being careful not to cut yourself!
Step 4: Once you’re happy with it, paint the edges with whatever colour paint you’ve chosen! Oh, and please wait for it to dry before you put it on the wall!

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