Wednesday, May 9, 2012

small acts of kindness.

remember when i told you THIS yesterday?

well, i was chatting with a coworker this morning BEFORE work... :) :) :) she is seriously a sweetie. and we were talking about how i wish i could have caribou coffee frappe that i had yesterday like EVERYDAY! but they can just get pretty pricey if you're doing that everyday! sooo, you know what she did? she got in her purse & pulled out a giftcard for caribou coffee!!! oh my gosh! she's like, "it's no big deal! i've had it for years! i just haven't used it! i don't even know how much is on it!" it was just so sweet & thoughtful! i was like, "who cares if it's old!"

delicious coffee is delicious coffee. NOM NOM NOM.

thank you, God... for your little blessings & working through people. it doesn't have to be big acts of kindness. small ones go just as far.

bottoms up (tomorrow) & caffeine queen,

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