Wednesday, May 30, 2012

puppy love.

DISCLAIMER: this post is about sick dogs. literally sick dogs. complete with discussion of doggy diarrhea, doggy puke & other things doggy. yeow. you've been warned.

what a great question! NO. i have not.
why, jacie? oh, i will tell you why...

let's go back a few days to oh... friday night...maybe saturday morning... i'm not sure. we made a roadtrip to dubuque to adam's mom's house... adam hears the jingling of truman's collar. we are downstairs, truman is upstairs. adam starts yelling. i am confused. adam heard/caught/saw/i don't know truman jumping off of the kitchen chairs... truman likes to get up there to sniff around & see what food he can find.

he found some.

i should have taken a picture, but you could clearly see where his snout had punctured the strawberry rhubarb crisp; that is until he heard daddy yelling at him. one thing about truman...he has a really sensitive tummy. sydney is just fine with regular ol' dogfood, but tru... well, truman has to be on special food because he gets so sick. just another reason it's a very VERY bad idea for him to have people food, even rawhide among numerous other food goodies.

fastforward through the rest of the beautiful weekend...complete with doggy diarrhea, pooping in kennels and doggy vomiting. oh, joy.
then...lucky us... after work last night, sydney decides that she is going to be sick, too. i am taking care of sick husband, giving him a kiss or something (i know, right...pretty smart) and i turn mouth literally dropped. sydney's eyes got as wide as... i don't know-something wide... and that's when her tail went between her legs & she knew she was in trouble. more diarrhea. all.over.the.carpet.some on linoleum really? you couldn't atleast scoot 2 inches over & get it all on the linoleum? ick. so, i took skids (syds) outside... maybe there was more...i didn't want to find out inside. the smell was awful, as you can imagine. by the time i got back, adam had pretty much 'scooped' most of the goodies up. now for the good part: scrubbing. yay. so, i scrubbed the carpet so superduper hard...with the possibility of too much palmolive. yay. great. so, a gallon of soap, water and palmolive later, i set a towel over it & called it good. it should be noted here that adam did an amazing job getting me whatever i ordered! :) he's such a trooper. he's even the best helper when he's sickypoopoo.

but does the fun end there? duh, it couldn't. no way, we were having too much fun! well, it didn't, lucky for us. i mean, sure... she gave us a good few hours until we got to 'play' again. again, joy. i am not kidding you... i think the good Lord is using these dogs as a mini-prep for kiddos someday. i understand they're not the same, but man...

so, it's did you hear me? FIVE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING. before that even. ugh. at the risk of TMI, which i'm sure you've already experianced, adam farts on me. okay, no biggy. but it was loud. and woke me up. i was like, just crapped your pants. he was adamant that while the tooters was him, but the rancid stench was NOT. yeah right. no...really. yeah, right. it ended up getting us both out of bed it was SO bad. we found sydney UNDER THE BED. but no poopy. until we kept searching. it was all under the bed. in like a 2 foot span or something. gross.

oh, i did? okay... just checking.

so, that little incident led up to them going outside again & an hour long clean-up party. why, you ask? because. it was terrible terrible terribly difficult to get under that bed, adam's sick, it's an ackward position, it was a closed-in space with a rancid stench; the list goes on & on & on...

i bring them inside & adam, even sicky, is under the bed cleaning & being a good hubs. being a good wifey, i make him stop so i can finish up. it was awful. no, really... awful. he was on 'good sniffs' patrol. spraying febreeze in the air & fanning it towards my nosey... it was awesome. and cute. so, got the mess cleaned up.

see what i mean about God's preperation for us? quite comical. so, we are putting the bed back down & it 'misses the tracks'. i don't know what the means, but all i know is hubs wasn't pleased.
so... this means that we get to try and lift it up & put it down, but unfortunatly for us, it didn't work. so, at 5 AM, we got to take both mattresses off the bed, fix the 'undercarriage' of the bed, for lack of a better word & then try to put the mattresses back on correctly. oh, but wait! there's more fun... the metal on the side of our mattress broke.

joyful. neato. yay. that's exciting. i love it. woohoo! eeeeeeek!

so, adam got to get the tools out. get a hammer. pry the hanging part off. etc. then...there's the staples everywhere. mmmhm.
so, we got that all taken care of, mattresses back on, sheets put back, etc etc... then as i'm throwing the pillows back on the bed... i knock off all of the staples. happy morning! i make sure they aren't on the bed & ask adam if he's going back to be or staying up (it's about 6 am by this point). bed for him. great. me, too... with no staples on the bed (possibly under), we curl up for a little nappers before conquering the day.

so, to close, we've had a rough weekend & start to the week with sicky dogs.
happy wednesday!


  1. omg I am speechless. haha I read the disclaimer and just couldn't help myself from reading on! lol. I would have thought I was hallucinating and 5 in the morning lol.

    So glad I stumbled upon your blog! Come on over and follow along my blog all about color! :-)

    1. isn't that so SO terrible! UPDATE: solid poopies now...well, for one dog, atleast, so that's positive! it was terrible. you can't imagine how bad it smelled. like dryheave city. how did you stumble upon my blog! so exciting! i love new people!

      ANNND you my dear... you have a new follower. i lololove your ideas! :) i work with a girl who went to BYU!


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