Wednesday, May 23, 2012

oosh goosh for the hubs.

i love the silliness between my husband & i... as we were laying in bed last night preparing for the next 8 hours of sleepymcsleeperson, he was doing different voices or tickling me or some shannangan -- i don't remember what... i just remember thinking, "God, why did i get so lucky with this one?" and just thanking the good Lord above for the blessing He gave me with adam... and also thanking Him in addition that there will never be a dull moment because my husband rocks.
it's the little things that i love like giggles before bedtime.

dontcha just DIG our matching neon dice shirts? they rock. got them at journeys on sale for $4.99 a couple years back... we went through this phase of getting awesomely funny matching shirts... we have a few tuxedo ones, joker ones, these ones... now we're just back to normal or sports team matching shirts... i LOVE matching! :)

happily matching hunnies,
your jaceroni

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