Wednesday, May 23, 2012

a thing called LOVE.

i like my eyebrows in this picture. i feel like i DEFINITELY look like my dad's side of the family in this picture; i have a few pictures where i look very different, very natural -- and i ALWAYS think i look like my grandpa! i don't know why, but i like it! :)

my husband is about the only one to know the 'real' me... not that i'm fake to all... im totally not, BUT he sees me get crazy, giggly, hear my dumb jokes, be ridiculously CUTE (just joking -- just heard a dumb joke), etc...obviously my family & super-duper close friends get to see me be nutty, but it's just different, ya know?!
i love a hub. i love how 'retarded' we are together.

i feel like my eyes look CRAYCRAY blue here -- and they are real!!! AND i love 'em (they tend to do this during the summer or when i get really tan)! the only 'enhancing' i did to the picture was the 'automatic enhance' they have on iPhoto... this was also literally a day or two after i got my gallbladder taken out... it was Christmas & i was meeting adam's extended family for the first time! so great, i'll show up in pjs because i couldn't wear jeans, tight clothes, etc... still had stitches & a heavy dose of pain killers -- can you tell?! anyways, HUSBAND (boyfriend at the time) was SO sweet & wore pjs with me!
***insert an awwwwww here!***
and his uncle even 'critisized' him for it, but oh well, my man looked adorable in his pjs & it was super sweet to do that, so i didn't feel left out! :)

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