Thursday, May 10, 2012

have you heard of these people/person!? i don't even quite understand what it is? when i was googling 'cool sequins' or whatever, these pulled up! they're definitely a tidge wierd, but there is a whole collection of them! it's called venus of sequins (or something like that). pretty interesting, i'd say! and some are made all out of sequins! if you're interested in the beginning of them & the designer, check 'em out at the address above! :)

from their website:
"Wearable artwork collection where each piece is a couture artwork, part of a limited edition. The collection was exhibited on schedule at London Fashion week, and was represented by 20 Hoxton Square Gallery. Wearable art frames supplied as an optional extra. Items can be made to measure on request. Each dress is hand crafted with over 3 weeks of sequin and embroidery work."

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