Tuesday, May 15, 2012

dreaming of... winter?


i lololooove the 'winter' with all the candles! tucking that away in this ol' head o' mine!
the cookies are ones that my mom & i made for Christmas a few years back -- she's a PRO! and adam & i at our first apartment on a 'snow day'. sigh, oh how i wish i could go back to that exact moment. he melts my heart without even trying (ps, do you see the drift on the deck?).


***i took these pics on the side of a road one day -- the trees were too frosty & cute NOT to!***

i think this picture is just charming. besides freezing, this is perfect.

this is our TRUMAN! he wanted to play on the deck at mom's house! i love the little snow on his chops! it's just so cute -- husband loves this picture, too!

it's not like i'm wishing for winter... im not... i haTTTe driving in winter (you should see my car)! i haTTTe freezing... but there is something just so whimsical & calming about winter... maybe being in front of a fireplace... having hot chocolate with peppermint... cuddling up with the love of your love... snuggling... candles lit... hats & gloves...

some presents i wrapped this year for my bestie, bailey & her girls! aren't they pretty!? all different pinks with black & white polkadots! i loved.

anyways, just wanted to share a few pictures of Christmastime that i love...

oh AND... it is MERRY CHRISTMAS...

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