Tuesday, April 17, 2012

failed fried pickle attempt.

i've made fried pickles before. they're not AAAAYmazing, like the deliciousness you would get at 34's or something, but the were good... and A LOT cheaper! who wants to pay lik $7-$8 for like 5 pickles anyways?

so, i was trying a new recipie for them, so we can eat them ALL.THE.TIME. when we got married, we decided not to get a frydaddy with the logic that then we wouldn't eat fried food all the time... let me tell you, it worked! but it does stink pouring all the oil in the pan, trying to get the right temp, etc...

so anyways, i tried this new recipie, they looked great...that is until i turned the heat up WAY.TOO.HIGH. i couldn't even leave the pickles in for more than 5 seconds without them burning. guess the oil shouldn't have been so hot. i managed to save some from burning, but the pickle was still kinda cool.

live & learn, i suppose!

do you have a good fried pickle recipie? if you do, i NEED it! comment it BELOW! :)

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