Monday, April 9, 2012


apparently it's not cool to call 'jordans' by the name 'js', but you know what... i sort of walk, run, skip whatever to the beat of my own drum... SOOOOO, my js. this is my first pair & let me tell you... they ARE amazing. i probably never ever would have gotten a pair if it wasn't for my husband. ever since i have known him, he is a HUGE fan. he is so many pairs, i don't even know how many. they are so cute.

i had this BRILLIANT idea for my 'something blue': light blue jordans. and he was going to have NO idea until i came down the aisle & showed him. well, in the midst of some conversation, he guessed that i was going to wear them & i caved in & just told him. we decided to just get matching ones for the wedding. who wants to walk around in super high-heels anyways, right? not i... so, we were shopping one day & found the perfect ones. one of the accents of our wedding was peacock feathers & these shoes have a little bit of those colors, so we got them. i absolutely AAADORE them.

my husband is too sweet -- he was so excited to wear them at the wedding, on the plane, etc just matching -- oh how i love my sweet man. AND let me tell you -- these shoes... they are AMAZINGLY comfortable. i mean, craycray (insert me laughing at myself for saying craycray) comfy. i love wearing them & i love knowing that he thinks i look cute in them.


these are obviously fake, but i think they're cute. i wouldn't wear 'em that often, so i wouldn't get my moneys worth out of them, either, but still... they're cute to look at. smiles.

i wanted these for Christmas. my mother, my mom-in-law, and my sister all tried to purchase these for me... the things is about 'fake' jordans or anything like that... it could always be a scam. they all tried purchasing them a few times, even talked to the 'owners' or whatever... beeeee careful. if you think it might be fake, stear clear, mister & miss!

what else, what else? nike outlet stores always have awesome js at pretty cheap prices...sometimes they're expensive, but just depends. we've gotten mr. husband some pretty baller ones for like thirty bones, or so. score.

so, we're kinda weird, but i don't really care. we don't have any kids yet. we're going to wait a while, Lord willing. BUT, jordan stuff can get sort of pricey. and i'm a sucker for deals, so anytime that i go to a consignment shop, garage sale, goodwill, tjmaxx, gordmans, etc etc, if i find our favorite sports teams, or anything jordan... i buy it. we have an entire tote full of stuff. not kidding. i don't really buy 'cute clothes' just because by they very well may be out by the time we have little ones, but for the most part (some exceptions apply), jordan stuff & sport stuff can get cooler with time. and little 'minis' are just soooo darn cutesy!

i mean, how could you not just wanna oosh & goosh this?
i can just see this being mr. husband in a few years & mr. OR miss. baby... matching shoes. of course, i get a pair, TOO! :)

and these at tjmaxx for like $8 or something craycray. beeteedubs, tjmaxx ALWAYS has the best baby j swag! and for a purdy good dealio! but i seriously can't list everything we have because this blog would never end. i've actually slowed down quite a bit because i was getting a tidge ridiculous. i'll readily admit! eek.


okay, so... i've been searching for these js for my husband. they don't come out often & when they do, his size 12 is always sold out before we get there. if you have any idea where to find some... let me know. the first year we were together, for his birthday, i bought him sz 13 on accident. i went to go trade them because they told me that they had sz 12, but it turns out they didn't. boo. comment below if you have any idea. i'd get the best wife ever award (jaykay, that involves way more than a pair of shoes...)!

air jordan 12
anyways, go get yourself a pair. they're comfy. as for me, i'm looking for some cute, girly ones! :)

cool kicks,
your j

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