Friday, April 27, 2012

i LURVE dbq.

dubuque makes me so happy. i am so excited to be going there this weekend! one of our family friends is playing BELLE in BEAUTY IN THE BEAST! our little super-star is growing up! :) can't wait to watch & see! :) plus, like i said... i just love dubuque. it's so gorgeous. SO gorgeous. and there's just something very charming & very old-timey that i just can't get over. sure, there's some pretty scary parts that i would never want to be in, but the good parts, the old parts, the cool parts -- well, i could just stay forever! i get butterflies in my tummy everytime i think about going back!

so...while there's a history of KKK & al capone, there is so much beauty there! let's take a look back in time at dubuque! :)

Old funicular is quaint, fun and TSA-secure:  Even federal inspectors had to chuckle as they poked about the 296-foot-long railway in search of security threats. 
Photo:  The Fenelon Place Elevator has been hauling folks up and down a steep grade in Dubuque, Iowa, since 1882.  Credit: Loras College Center for Dubuque History

the fourth street elevator! how cool is this?! there's so many stories about this it caught on fire multiple times & such -- check it out! there's a great history!

theres LOTS of cool dubuque pictures on the link below... i just didn't want to copy & paste them without the copyrights! :) it is so neat! i found on of a puppy laying on a bridge, but when i tried to post it, it deleted it & now i can't find it! :( sad faces.

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