Tuesday, April 10, 2012


let's talk pjs, please. let's talk pajamagrams. let's talk hoodie footies. let's talk best huband ever. shall we? let's talk. alright, adam & i don't get eachother Christmas presents for a few different reasons;

one being... years ago before we were married, we discussed at length the true meaning of Christmas, which is obviously our Lord & Savior's birth, and what we think about gift exchange, etc. we aren't against gift exchange by any means, but we do believe that there is much more focus on that now-a-days than ever. anways, instead of getting eachother gifts, we do something special together as a couple. buy something we want. buy something that's a relationship builder. buy ourselves a treat as a couple. or maybe buy nothing at all & just focus on what is truely important. we try & make an effort to focus on the true meaning of Christmas & seperate ourselves from the 'worldly' focus (which i guess is sort of what i already said). santa, rudolph & frosty are all fun, however... once kids come into the picture, they won't have thousands of dollars of presents. sure, they'll get a few & we'll start fun traditions, but my husband & i will definitely try our darndest to instill the true meaning. adam's mom always did the funnest tradition with the boys that we will carry on in our family. she baked a birthday cake every Christmas for Jesus' birthday. i absolutely love that & so does mister husband. can't wait.

anyways, i sort of got side-tracked on this post i suppose. so, yeah... we don't get eachother presents. however, i came home one night to find a package under the tree that wasn't one that i had anything to do with -- i was curious. my husband sat on the chair with a little grin across his face. i asked what it was & of course he said to open it. i freaked out. i was so excited. he got me... hoodie footies. i hadn't even asked for them & 'technically' they weren't a Christmas gift... he was just thinking about me one day... sweet, right? anyways, these weren't just any ordinary hoodie footies -- they were leopard footies!!! complete with a detachable tail, hood with ears, paws with thumb holes AND detachable paw footies! goodness gracious! i had always seen these in the kids section of stores. they fit, but they always rode up in areas you don't want stuff riding up! apparently i was too tall for the kid's section. bahaha. anyways, these are so cute, so comfy & of course it's even more amazing that my husband was thoughful, picked them out, got them shipped, etc etc without me even knowing! i ALWAYS spoil suprises, so when i don't they're EXTRA-SPECIAL! :) ha. the tail comes off, so you don't have to sit on it, etc... the paws are so cute! these are the only pictures i have of it on my work computer, but i promise -- super amazing.

get your husband to FIND 'EM HERE:

Hoodie-Footie™ - Wild Style Leopard

they sent a $15 off coupon for another pair, but i just couldn't justify...yet. these are next on my list. customized with my name on the back... and this time, mr. husband will get a pair, too. can anyone say amazing Christmas pictures next year? of course with something on in pictures when the seat drops! :)

May be personalized in cream on bottom flap.
Red Dropseat Pajamas for Boys
Red Dropseat Toddler Pajamas Red Dropseat Infant Sleeper
Red Dropseat Pajamas for Dogs Red Dropseat Pajamas for Cats
find 'em HERE:

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