Wednesday, June 27, 2012

forget PYT, here comes BHE!

i just made 'B.H.E.' up... i think... 

i don't know what all the kiddos are saying these days...
i can't keep track of all their lingo that is 'hip to the fly beat'... ha, i giggled here.

anyways... in an effort to be 'one of the cool kids' & come up with some awesome abbreviations, may i present to you B.H.E.


he is encouraging, Godly, a man of courage, a man of strength, a man of 'putting up with jacie crying on a wednesday night', a man of so many good qualities...

just wanted to say, that my husband is the best husband i could have ever dreamed of.

ooosh goosh, xs os
your ooshy gooshy adam's wifey
ps. i was going to say i 'aged' myself by coming up with PYT (pretty young thing by michael jackson), but truth be told... i didn't really 'grow up' with him... i think i was too young... i take that back... i vaguely remember him on my free willy VHS. yes, awesome.

you remember now DON'T YOU! it's okay, don't be embarrassed. :) 


  1. oh my. I love Micheal Jackson...ok and I loved free willy too :)

    Thanks for visting This and That ... I will be sure to follow you back via my personal no my cooking one :) !

    1. hahaha. michael jackson & free willy! haha, thats awesome. i should probably know more michael jackson songs than i do, but oh well... but yeah, adam & i were talking about the first time we ever 'knew' michael jackson existed... and i was thinking free willy! what about you? i guess i don't know how old you are, but free willy was mine! YEOW!


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