Wednesday, February 5, 2014

DIY: birthday poster

have you seen these little things called birthday posters or chalkboard posters? i guess the idea is to have a 'prop' for your kiddo's birthday. anyways, a gal at work approached me & asked me to make one for her kiddo's birthday! i surely obliged! :) 

here's what i used:
*a sheet of black poster board (you can use any size)*
*metallic markers (in the pen/sharpie section)*

if you're doing a 'chalkboard' one, you'll want to buy the chalkboard markers...mine were metallic, so they're shiny, so just be mindful depending on what look you're going for! :) 

i googled a bunch of different ideas online & then just sort of doodled randomly on a piece of paper ones i liked... then, i took a pencil & did a quick outline on the black poster board...THEN MARKERS! all sort of colors thrown up on there! i think it's pretty cute & i know it was a huge hit for her & her family at her son's birthday!

i have a bunch of frames i salvaged from our old office at work & am going to give one to her to frame this! she wanted to keep it, but didn't just want it sitting there! this will be perfect because now she can remember hall the little details from when her little man was one!

what do you think? do you like these!?

xoxo, j

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