Thursday, February 20, 2014

did i shave my legs for this?

maybe, just maybe, one of you will understand what i'm's the setting...

you haven't shaved your legs in like a month, so you look like a werewolf. you finally get a wild hair & shave. so proud & excited of all the time & work you took getting those legs smooth as a baby's bottom, you run to husband to have him feel (taking a quick swipe to before he feels so you can be so proud, again, of your work)...then, that quick swipe you realize it's cold in the house & you have goosebumps & now you're body has started to push the hair back out & your all prickly.


so, you run to the tub/shower again & do another quick over...only to have the same thing happen twice...


no, this isn't a major frustration of mine, but man OH man! isn't your body a crazy (amazing) creation by God? i mean, after all, it's just trying to help & keep you warm! but come on! :)

anyways, just shaved my leggies & thought of this! 

happy shaving!

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