Thursday, April 21, 2016

Lincoln's learning!


When did you get so big & so strong & so smart? You are growing SO much for mama & dada!

-You can sign "please" to us when you want something! (you say please before almost each bite of food, you say please when I lay you down to breastfeed you, you say please when Daddy walks by a window because you want to look out, you say please when I bring you to the front entry, you say please when there is a toy you want...whenever you want something... so sweet!)

-You know when we're saying 'no' (mostly).

-You know when I say, "Can I have this hand now?" that I want to put your other hand in your shirt (mostly).

-You know, "Up, up, up!" And you get SO excited to come into our arms!

-You go hysterical when Daddy gets home!

-You've started grabbing our faces & giving lots of kisses (been doing for a while now).

-You're doing HIGH FIVES! Although, not sure if it's completely 'clicked' yet!

-You're learning "gentle" when you start banging on our faces or pulling mama's hair! :)

-You're BFing & then averaging between 4-6 ounces of food after that!

-You've had 2 teeth for quite some time & your top 4 middles are trying to cut through. One on the side in particular is almost there, buddy! You're going to have a full smile before you know it! P.S. Mommy is sure thankful you haven't bitten yet!

-You weighed 23 lbs at your last check up (6 months) & you're just over  8 months, so...I'm sure you've gained a bit more weight!

-YESTERDAY, you were on your tummy & made your way to sitting on your bottom! So strong!

TODAY, you were a bit tired from our friends last night, but even were fussing because you wanted Daddy. It is the sweetest. I mean, sad that you were fussy, but endearing that you wanted Dada!

You are growing so big, little dude! 
We love you! Every part of you & are so blessed to call you ours! :D

God really does give good & perfect gifts!


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