Wednesday, March 5, 2014

i didn't want to forget...

about today after work. 

husband is always thinking of other people & doing nice things for other people...but naturally, i can forget sometimes... so, i think i'm going to start writing more stuff here. that way...maybe in the future, i/we can look back on these things...who knows?!

anyways, here's the scene. 

we're walking inside from work. adam has hands (pretty much) full with puppy & some other stuff. it's icy. we have a neighbor whom is a little older walking towards us. 

Adam: "hey, how's it going, tim?"
Tim: "good *insert talking about the weather or something*
Adam: "hey is that trash in your hand?"
Tim: "yeah!"
Adam: "oh here, let me take & throw that away for you!"

adam goes & throws away his garbage. i was just getting something out of my car, but didn't really know what had taken place, so i asked if he was carrying his garbage...adam told me what had happened... 


it's things like this that make me so thankful for the man i have. i mean, who does that? not many people is the answer...but sometimes...sometimes there are a few who step up & are just like that. and i'm thankful i got one of the few. 

with a thankful heart to the One whom made thankful hearts, 

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