Sunday, June 9, 2013

happy BEGINNING of the week!

'ello loves!

just wanted to write a little ditty encouraging you to make your week great! and to give a few little happies to make your heart smile. what could do that better than glitter (and God, of course!)?

WOAH. if i ever have a girl & chevron is still cool, this WILL be on her wall... well maybe. and let's face it...even if it's not cool, i guess! HA!

WOAH. doesn't this just tickle your eyes! you know another cool thought... i think i read this from the book, "Heaven is For Real", that he (Colton) saw colors we can't even imagine. whether you believe that or not is one thing, but it's definitely a crazy/cool thought! :) also, do you know the story of the RAINBOW & why God gave it to us?

there are SO many more pretty pictures that can make your eyes so excited & just plain ol' happy, but i just wanted to share a few! I hope that your week shines brighter than all of this glitter combined! I pray that our Lord blesses your week & also pray that His will be done in your life! Be the salt & light to those around you for Him! 

Happy Sunday evening!

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