Monday, June 24, 2013

FREE SAMPLES from Wedding Paper Divas!

so, i haven't tried this one yet, BUT...there's a special for 8 free samples from Wedding Paper Divas.

**UPDATE: i JUST ordered 8 free samples from this site. again, they DID NOT charge me for shipping. BAM! they let me upgrade to their 'premium' paper & i'm pretty sure they include envelopes!? maybe not, i don't really know... they have 'sample text' on the samples, as well, FYI.  after you're done with the sample, you can recycle the CUTE paper into something else! how resourceful! oh! i had to sign up for an account again, but they didn't even make me put in my CC info! awesome! anyways, i am just excited about this paper -- i will use it for something...and MAYBE, if their quality is good, i may order invites from them in the future?! who knows!? i love free & sharing free with you!**

i'm thinking you could even use this for other invites & get 8 free?! use code FREETRY perfect! they're also having a special going on to save 15% off your order until TOMORROW! use code 15stjune. let me know if you use either one of these! i wanna know! :)

continuing to look for good deals! :) 


  1. How to prepare a wedding card for a special one at home? Tell me the ways.
    los angeles wedding venue

    1. you're a guest at the wedding, miss louis? i would go here: to make the wedding card for the special couple. you're able to make a really cool, personalized wedding card for FREE & FREE SHIPPING! :) does that help or am i way off base?


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