Saturday, September 14, 2013

a good find.

hey there, friend. 

so...have i told you of my love of pretty much all things black & ivory? not black & white, but black & ivory (not to say that i don't like some things black & white, i just prefer ivory (: ). well, if i haven't...


i just think there is something so classic about those two colors...pretty timeless (in most cases).

so, these lamps. adam & i were up to something... OH YES. we were going to our Ministry Fair at church (we showed up on the wrong night), but it was the night i graduated, so we thought we better get a celebration meal! taco johns sounded good, haha, and the closest one was in the mall (plus our BOGO coupon, so YAY). we show up at the mall & it's moved. drat. luckily, just right across the street. we eat. we conquer. then, i remember there's a hobby lobby close. i ask if we can go. success. 

walking through hobby lobby & the clock is ticking to closing time. i hear them make the first call over the mic, but i don't want to stray too far from where i'm at. you see, husband has went to the restroom & i want him to know where to find me. well, as i'm wasting some time, i see these bad boys below. just out of curiosity, i checked the tag...woah. then i looked to see if the 2nd was on clearance, too. double woah...

WAS $80... THEN $16... THEN $7.99. 

that's right. these bad boys came home with me right at closing time. now, they're sitting on either side of our bed looking fabulous. do they look a little dr. suess(ish)? yes. are they simultaneously amazing? for sure. hope you're enjoying them as much as i am. i'll try & getcha a picture of them in their habitat someday soon(ish).

until then, 
xoxo, j

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