Sunday, September 22, 2013

i found it by...the dumpster.

good evening, friend! so, i know this seems a bit janky, but...oh well. we were walking in from taking the puppies to the potty, when i saw them. i just started laughing & was like, "look hunnie!" he just rolls his eyes because he knows if i see something nice by the dumpster, i will take it! i've gotten some pretty sweet side tables & patio furniture (all wrought iron -- it's pretty!) that were just sitting there (not in the dumpster, by the way), lol.

anyways, these Rubbermaid things are like $20 something each...and this shoe thing is sweet. both bronzed finished & very pretty! by the way, i've already cleaned everything & the shoe fabric is in the washer! :) we found a brand new wrapped LEGO toy -- swish! and a cool soccer ball for the nieces & also a container of a TON of markers, which i've already went through & sorted out the ones that didn't work! 

successful day in my house!

i've been cleaning out the spare room & these will definitely come in handy & i already know what i'm going to do with them! :) 

i love markers. especially FREE ones! 

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