Monday, September 9, 2013

one thankful wife.

adam & i are starting a couple of courses at our church this coming wednesday. his is called Men's Fraternity (maybe you've heard of it?) & he's also doing one entitled 33 on saturday mornings. mine is called Sweeter than Chocolate. we both had some serious homework to do tonight, since we missed out on opening week.

 even before we got started on our homework, we had talked for over an hour about God...things in our life dealing with God...good vs. bad things in our life...and other things... other nights, the book i'm reading: Not Even a Hint by Joshua Harris... the book he is reading: The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel...i don't know...there is just something so exciting about sitting down with your spouse & really diving into God's Word. or discussions about The Word. and i'm so proud that God chose him for me. a man who i can do this with. a man who i can see growing in our Lord. a man who can help me grow in our Lord. and our future children, as well.

there's just something so exciting about seeing your husband studying God's word. something exciting about doing nightly devotions. something exciting about praying before meals together. something exciting about walking into church to worship together. something special about our drives home & the discussions that follow. something exciting about having that blessing beside me.

i guess i say all of that to say this: I AM THANKFUL
i am thankful for the man i married. i am thankful for the man he was. i am thankful for the man he is. i am thankful for the man he will become. 

God has blessed me richly in abundance with this man & i have never EVER met another human being...ever...boy OR girl... who i mesh with SO well. i know that everyone says it, but add me to the list... he IS my best friend. my pal. my buddy. my chum. my husband. my love. my beloved. my sweetheart. my companion. for as long as the Lord allows me to have him.

he absolutely makes me laugh. and roll my eyes. and laugh some more. when i started to complain about wrinkles, he says, "Jace, you don't know how lucky you are to even have wrinkles (or even think you have wrinkles because you don't). Some people don't get that privilege." since then, i'm not going to say that i love the little crow's feet i see, but i look at them as a blessing of a happy life. and i know that because i'm with him, there will be many more laugh lines to come...and i'm okay with that! :)

this picture above is something kinda special. as he was giving 'our' speech at the wedding thanking everyone specifically for being there...and remembering the people who weren't...he picked me to thank...ME! totally caught my off guard which is why you see the awkward look on my face. i can't remember all the sweet things he said (i should watch the video again -- anniversary?!), but i can remember how i felt. and he made me feel like a million bucks. being appreciated. and being loved. 

anyways, this is just a bunch of blabber i suppose... but maybe... no, not IS ALWAYS a good time to tell your husband you love him...and appreciate him...and are proud of him...! and give him a big 'ol wet kisseroni! i'm sure he'll appreciate it! 


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