Saturday, September 14, 2013

do something nice.

sometimes i struggle with discontentment (is that the right word?)...not being content... i don't always recognize it at first, but when i find myself wishing i had something else, i have to snap out of it...i try to do it really fast because the truth is, God has blessed Adam & I so much. we have more than we would ever need. ever. however, sometimes you find yourself daydreaming about more, more, more... 

to conquer this, i start to the God for everything that we do have...or i'll lay in bed at night just focusing on gratitude (i told you a bit about this here). because once you start thanking God for all that you have, you realize how gracious his blessings are.

another thing i do for fun, but can sort of tie into this is try to focus on other people. what can i do for others? what can i help others with? what can i make for others? how can i make others happy? is there something i can do to show this person God's love? this all ties into being selfless, folks...

*small acts of kindness can go a long way. i made plates of banana bread & brought them to work & to my woman's Bible study. people might not even notice or thank you or even think anything of it, but that's okay! you're not doing it to get glory, right?!'re doing it because this is just another small step in serving others! *

and sometimes when we are constantly focusing on self, we focus on what we think we don't have...but when we look around us & all we have, we realize how blessed we are...and our heart fills with gratitude. use that thankful heart to bless others. the more you bless others, the more your heart fills even MORE with God's love & helps on your quest to be more turn, becoming more & more like Christ.

my challenge to you & myself this week: 
do ONE thing per day for someone else. one intentional thing. and before, during or after you do it, pray. pray that what you just did may bring God the glory. not yourself, but God. and pray that God uses you & that 'good deed' to expose His light to that person (look at you becoming quite the evangelist!). 


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