Saturday, September 14, 2013

i wore the dress!

remember my 'dress week' i was telling you about? well...i wore the dress the very next Sunday to church! it had sat in my closet & every time i saw it, i was way excited to wear it!

here was us after church:

and why yes, i did pick adam's cute little outfit out to match mine! :) :) :) his little neon yellow shirt & jordans! i very much enjoyed this dress & will wear it again...the only downfall? when you sit, it gets deceptively short (i thought it was a nice length standing!)... i just kept my Bible on my lap the whole time & kept trying to pull it down! :) 

adam's shirt: gap (for like $3)
adam's shorts: good question
adam's shoes: jordans

my dress: kohl's
my belt: good question
my shoes: target (for like $3)



  1. You are so pretty! Love that dress, too. And I do the saaaame thing if a dress gets too short when I sit. Just either put my hands in my lap and keep tugging at it haha. So annoying, but it works! ;)


    1. oh miss katie, aren't you a PEACH! what a sweet thing to say -- THANKS! that made my little night! did you see how much it was!? oh man, are you in for a treat! go to dress week -- it was AWESOME! :) it totally works to keep tuggin! it doesn't look that short at all until i sit! good thing i rest my Bible on my lap! :) you're pretty too, lovely! xoxo


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