Sunday, May 5, 2013

challenge: day 10-14

hi loves! happy sunday!

day 10: may 1
weight: 168
Bust 33
Bellyb 33.5
Tummy 38
Hips 40.5
Thigh 24.5
Arm: 11.5

i did:
jogged 1 mile
jogged/walked 1 mile with truman

i ate:
broccoli & carrots w/ noodles & cheese
belvita soft chew
granola bar
32 oz water
1 can corn
1 piece of pizza

day 11: may 2
weight 171

i did:
NOTHING! there was a snow storm-a brewing!

i ate:
ate 5 slivers = 1 cupcake
salad & fruit
32 oz water
sip of powerade
tator tot taco

day 12, 13 & 14: may 3-5
honestly, here's where my days start to get a little wonky, so i'm not even going to try to regurgitate what i ate/drank/did. not until today (Sunday) was i even able to run/walk again... i mean, SURE, i could have... but there was a bunch of snow back on the ground & i just didn't really feel like running in snow! :)

PLUS, mr. husband & i went down to my mom & dad's & stayed there all weekend. they were out of town, so we got to play 'house' & puppysit! also, Tulip Time was going on this weekend (when it wasn't snowing/raining), so we also tried to hang out with the family there! i ate lots 2 bagels, had some chips, lots of fruit, a couple pops, Pizza Ranch, a burger with fries & that's about it... i was a bit more lenient this weekend, but still okay... 

today i ran 1 mile & walked 3. i kept trying to run, but i had the worst pain in my side. i think it's a mix between, i'm used to drinking 32-64 oz of water, no pop & really healthy diet...along with, i still had some Pizza Ranch sitting in my tummy. so, it was a nice little walk... oh, and i weighed myself today... 169.2, if my mom & dad's scale is accurate! BOOYAH. i'll do all my measurements tomorrow!

i'm getting ready to eat again because i'm hungry! i think i did pretty darn good & passed this week's challenge...except 1 night when i didn't eat veggies, but snacked instead... i told sister that & she said she saw me eat lots of fruit & that was okay! :) PERFECT. then, i passed. 



  1. Girl I love to hear how you're doing!! I'm trying to lose weight right now & it's a major challenge. Hang in there. You got this!!

  2. If you're hungry between your eating times, did you know hot water helps!? I just recently learned that and it's awesome. It definitely works!


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