Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend.

what a weekend it's been. i don't know... there's something in the air that is just making me want to get a TON accomplished. maybe it's the extra day?! :)

made party potatoes...ever had them? they're soooooooo good. except last night, i didn't have 2 pounds of hash browns, so i added 1/2 lb. of hash browns, 1/2 lb. of french fries & 1 lb. of 'golden circles' (basically potato ole's w/out the flavor from taco johns)... so yeah, not as good.

made Chobani black forest cupcakes & homemade frosting. NOTE TO SELF: when there's a little 't', it means TEASPOON, not TABLESPOON. they turned out...not good.

oh & then husband & i watched Atlas Shrugged Part II. well, he watched it & i fell asleep at the end. typical jace. He's been reading the book! :) it's huge.

i slept until like 12:00pm. NOON. yes, seriously. it...was...awesome...! THEN, adam made french toast. it was SO good. seriously.

then, i've wanted to clean out my washer for quite some time now. it's in a common area between our apartment & another apartment. so basically there's only 2 of us who use the washer & dryer, which is sweet. it's also sweet it's included. so, i decided not only would it be good for me to clean it, but maybe it'll be a blessing to them! :) i vacuumed, swept & disinfected that room. it was grosser than i thought. looking good now, though. so, anyways, the washer...i used THESE directions to clean a grimey washer. to be honest, i'm a little disappointed at the results. i mean, i'm sure it was DEFINITELY a good thing definitely didn't hurt anything, but i still didn't get some of the hard stuff cleaned! :( maybe i'll go back & try for round 2. i mean, after all... Walmart had 1 bottle of bleach for $3 or 3 bottles for $5, so i have plenty of bleach! :)

oh...i also made fabric softener from the recipe i shared with you HERE!

then, we had spotted a shirt for adam's brother at goodwill...problem though, it was a 2X & adam's brother is a SM/MD... so i sewed that to fit him! :) THEN, i am in the process of a little project for my neices & nephews... which reminds me... I GOT A NEW NEPHEW THURSDAY! :) he's quite a chubby little peach & i love him! :) his name is BLAKE & he's great. 

that's it for now. tomorrow, after church, i'll probably get some studying in. YEOW. fun stuff! :)

k, xs&os!

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