Monday, January 27, 2014

some fashionable photos.

you'll have to forgive me... i found these pictures literally years ago & am just now getting around to posting them... they were just some fashionable photos that are...well...fashionable. 


leopard. neon...always in style. ;)


i don't really wear heels anymore, but they're still pretty to look at, right? AND goofy, fun, style individuality (within modesty confines) is ALWAYS in style!

how cute would these be in a little ladies' hair? ooh, ooh -- ESPECIALLY on a DisneyWorld trip!?

blahhhh -- i LOVE that black, tights & camel. and plaid...well, i'm a sucker... 
there's that leather & of course, leopard again... and those aviators. 

xs & os & cute clothes, 

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