Monday, January 27, 2014

my argyle sweater.

hey gorgeous! 

just thought i'd share our outfit from last sunday (i think?) a long time ago (because i found this post in my drafts). anyways, this is kinda a throw back outfit. i'd say about 2 years ago, i wore this argyle vest & striped button-up underneath a TON! i love love love it... who care how old it it! if you love something, WEAR IT! :) 

i'm sure i got a semi-good deal on it... i got it when i worked at The Limited, which can be pricey! but you know me & wanting to get a good deal! :) 

SEE? within a couple different search, i found these different times below!!! and i know there was more! oh well! i love these strips & of course...ARGYLE.

*i look like a little baby!*

*fun fact to remember: this picture was on my way to court for an accident i was involved in! ah!*


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