Friday, January 17, 2014

buffalo wild wings & friends & gratitude.

so...a girl who i work with had a going away par-tay tonight... hubs & i made a pit stop to get some wings (for me), burger (for him), and to hang out with the work crew...

on our way home, we were just chatting about our days, life, etc... then i told him how thankful i am for the friends i have. honestly, i've made some really good friends at the job i have now...more than probably any other job i've had -- like, there are some pretty good people i have around me. so, i'm thankful for that. i think it's good to be thankful & say when you're thankful. it can snowball into a whole heart, life, mind of gratitude...something i definitely want for myself & those around me.

on a different note, here's what i wore tonight:

*metallic zebra bow (claires for like $.50-$1, BAM)
*neon yellow VS sweatshirt
*Geoffrey Bean gingham (got at Goodwill -- purrrrfect)
*SteveMadden scarferoni (TJMAXX)

at first the gingham was a no-gingham, but i'd let a girl borrow it & she brought it back today, so i decided to try it. i think it's super cute...and i'm probably going to wear those w/out my sweatshirt to church or something someday. the neon yellow & bright blue are adorable. maybe some pinky SNOB from MAC? pondering... 

here's my wittle bow:

 i love bows. here's my babe, syd's, puppy bum -- she's hungry:

this is me. welcome to my little internet space:

also, i cleaned our spare room (that i'm sitting in) last weekend... this is our craft, puppy, computer/office, storage, catch-all room...and i seem to have to clean & smoosh more stuff into it every few months... but for now, i've enjoyed seeing the ENTIRE's small accomplishments, people...

hope that you have a wowowowonderful weekend!

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