Saturday, January 4, 2014

happy new year 2014!

Sure, sure... I may be 4 days late, but...WHO CARES?!

Here's the scene at our house on New Year's Night. And it was PERFECT.

We've been diving into a lot of Sherlock Holmes lately -- the British version. So, since we finished that up until the new season, we had decided on a Sherlock Holmes movie marathon for New Year's. Plus Pizza Hut pizza. Yes, please. I thought our little tootsies looked darling, so there you go... 

*our neighbors were getting rid of his Hawkeye & socks & my momsies was getting rid of her cozy socks... SO, we inherited both...and are wearing them in this picture. Perfect. 
*he got his sweats from my mom a couple years back. i got mine from mom this year!
*the candle in this pic is Birthday Cake by Gold Canyon. yum.
*we don't want to take down our Christmas stuff yet. so, we're not. 
*i got the stars on our Christmas tree from my mama's friend's garage sale. they're darling. 
*the leopard neon cup you see in the bottom right corner was actually the 'vase' that my 2-year anniversary flowers came in! husband knows me SO well!

*we're focusing on getting into the habit of a budget. we're loosely following Dave Ramsey's budget plan. we think this will be beneficial for us in future years. our goal is to get all student loan debt done (hopefully this year) completely. that's our only debt & it would be great to get rid of it. 
*devotions. we do nightly devotions, but there are times we miss. we're focusing on not missing this year! if we miss a day, we do two the next! we're doing a chronological Bible, which is super cool!
*i'm focusing on giving myself a schedule...i need structure to make sure i study & do things... i will be focusing on making specific times for prayer, self Bible study, studying for LMT. 
*we're working on not biting our nails! :)

I can't remember what else we've discussed, but those are a few things! Hope that your 2014 is merry & bright! and that you get lots of goals accomplished! And that your heart grows more in love with our Christ & Savior!

lots of love from over heeeeeere!

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