Monday, January 27, 2014


i went shopping a few months ago (these pictures were in my draft posts, so why not post 'em, right?) & this serves as a reminder never to underestimate the power of deals from DollarTree & thrift stores!

these SUPER cute washi tapes...yours for only $1/per... Yes, please! these will be perfect for my etsy orders & other randoms! :) 

who's husband doesn't "need"...or want a pair of these vintage, screaming '90's NBA sheet sets for a twin bed that you don't even own?! (from Salvation Army for only $2.95)!

it's never too early to stock up on little kids clothes for a child you don't yet have (or is it too early? who knows...?!). oh & that bulls wrapping paper -- yes please. can't beat $.50!

and kitty black heels that i've actually been looking for. um, brand new -- okay, perfect.

or a pair of SPERRY'S that you have no intention of using or wearing...mainly because no one in your family wears this size...but hey, you can sell them right? since they're only $7 and all...!

these bad boys were actually found at TJMaxx, but i had to share them with you... i'm a cheapy, but husband needed some good gloves. these looked like they were up to the challenge. and when i saw the price tag of $70 -- yeah right. but then i saw $25 & was like, okay, getting warmer...then i remembered that i had a giftcard, so we're getting hot... BUT, what really sold me was what i'm about to point out to you... scroll down, please...

keep scrolling...

keep scrolling...


"soft microfiber nose wipe panels". seriously? i mean...seriously? i knew that husband would find this equally hysterical & well, since i'd been considering them anyways, okay...we'll give it a whirl!

and you know what? he LOVES them. and i'm so happy i bought them. snot & all.

happy deal finding! don't forget thrifting & to fill me in on your finds!

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