Monday, January 27, 2014

small sacrifices for love.

so...i know this doesn't seem big. really, i get it. but, i love my sleep. i love my sleep like, a lot. over the past bit, i've learned that i need, a lot of it. i can sleep like it's my job. i hit the snooze button over & over & over & over until i'm running out the door because now i'm late... 

can anyone relate? 

anyways, for some time now, i've been feeling like that is one area i need to be more disciplined in. whether it's getting up early to do my morning devotions, work out, take the puppies out, make breakfast, the list can go on & on. 
so lately, i've been setting my alarm for a little bit earlier & trying to get to bed a bit earlier. sometimes i want to, sometimes i don't. but, my main motivation for it is to be a better servant of God by serving my husband. we have two little furry friends that need to go p-o-t-t-y in the am. i know it's not a huge deal, but one way i'm showing love to husband is by making sure i get up before him, taking the little critters out & allowing him that extra time to sleep in a bit. he does so much & takes them out a ton that i figure this is one little way i can show my love (plus, usually  it helps with getting out the door more on time). 

*a little note i wrote husband on his car to see before he left; on the side window i wrote, "will you go on a date with me tonight?" too bad he didn't see that & a lot of it was melted off! haha!*

so, it doesn't have to be anything huge, but small acts of love & a servant's heart are what matters. and i challenge & encourage that of you today. 

whether it is your spouse, your neighbor, your coworker, you boss, your family, friend or foe, do something...and don't just do it, but do it with a servant's heart. do it with the heart of your Father, so that His light can shine through you to all who can see!


hope you all have a wonderful week! and if you remember, comment with how you were given an opportunity & the privilege to serve!


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