Wednesday, January 1, 2014

a new look.

so...i've been wanting to change my blog for quite some time... by myself...without buying anything...

BUT SERIOUSLY, it's you're going to be seeing a lot of different things, probably, while i figure it out... like, i know all those pictures are HUGE up there...and take up a ton of space, BUT i can't figure out how to shrink it how i wanted! AHHH! and when i did shrink it -- it wouldn't center it! 

what do you think of this look? should i change my personal look to something more along the lines of this? HA!

and if you have any TIPS or think i should change something, PLEASE tell me & help me out... because this is going to take a lot of trial & error! :) 

thanks, lovies!


  1. Hey girl! Just saw your comments and I have no clue why they're being blocked??? Super weird! So sorry it's doing that!!!!
    :( Have a great New Year! :)

    1. no worries -- totally okay! :) i was just like, "oh sad... i would never say anything bad to miss ashley! she's great!" but who knows...computers do wierdo things sometimes! :) xo HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. Wish I could help out with tips, but I'm pretty bad at knowing my way around proper layouts and HTML. (Google is my best friend whenever I need HTML help!)

    Good luck, and Happy New Year!

    The Girly Gamer

    1. You are too sweet -- thanks anyways! I know, I spent so much time on google hoping it will help me out! :) It did with somethings, but to be honest...I think I just got impatient because I had been working on it for so long... :) My eyeballs were like, "Give me a break, Jace!"

      Happy New Year, miss Michelle!


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